About Us


About Us

The common people in the country suffer from problems. The reason is that corruption is dominated by every side. Inflation has broken the back of the general public. Loot, robbery, rage, rape, killings have become common place. There is a stroke on every side. People in politics are busy in allegations and allegations on each other. People sitting in power are enjoying, while the people of the opposition are also directing their owls by coordinating with the rulers. In the courts, the public is not getting justice in time. The public’s voice is being pressed due to the entry of some corrupt people in the media. In such a way, the Alliance Today Hindi News Portal has raised the voice of the people and decided to give them justice by governance. This media is supported by Alliance Welfare Foundation. A team of experienced journalists and other media personnel was placed to handle the media.senior journalist Ramesh Chandra is Executive Editor/Bureau Chief of the news portal. He has worked in Hindustan Hindi Daily as Staff reporter, as principal correspondent in Daily News Activist Hindi Daily and in Kanwhizz Times Hindi daily as bureau chief/special correspondent. We sincerely hope that the people of the society will give their support to this campaign of media.

Maya Rani

Managing Director & Editor

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